Graphic Design and Media, B.S., University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV)
Research Mentor

Sang Seo, PhD + MFA | Professor, Graphic Design & Media, Department of Art
Research interest in UX: Visual Perception & Cognition in Human Factors, Usability Study, Human Behaviors
Interested in joining the UX Design Research Lab?
SEO_UX_DESIGN_RESEARCH_LAB seeks dedicated and passionate undergraduate students who share an interest in design research. As a member of the research group, a student will have diverse group research opportunities to explore human subjects in experience design. If you are interested in joining the research group or have any further questions, please contact Professor Sang Seo via email (
SEO UX Design Research Lab aims to intensively expand design knowledge and experience through empirical research activities through distinctive research experiences.
Research Initiatives:
The UX design research group challenges a variety of topics related to design issues, including visual communication, digital technology, and design management in the user experience. Findings from research outcomes will be engaged with professional design and educational communities such as design competitions, conference presentations, research grants, etc. (e.g., UNLV Office of Undergraduate Research provides various funding opportunities each year
Research Group:
The new research group is organized at the end of the Spring Semester and continues to accept new members if there are any seats available. The research team consists of junior and senior students within the graphic design and media program. We also look for non-art or design major undergraduate students who are willing to work with others on a diversity of research topics beyond visual design. This research lab will keep a small group for conducting intensive design research. Depending on the various research topics and duration of the study, students may repeat the course for up to four (4) semesters.