Graphic Design and Media, B.S., University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV)
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Research Group Members in Spring 2021​​​​​​​
Sang Seo, Ph.D., MFA | Professor, Graphic Design & Media, Department of Art

Research interest in UX: Visual Perception & Cognition in Human Factors, Usability Study, Human Behaviors
Other design experiences: Branding, Kinetic Typography, Advertising, Banknote Design, Design Pedagogy, Vehicle Design, Environment Design, Service Design, Universe Design.

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Alerys Ortiz-Amandor | Senior student, Graphic Design & Media

Research interest in UX: Ethnography, Accessibility
Other design experiences: Branding, Typography, Illustration, Kinetic Typography, Motion, 3D Modeling, Web.

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Briana Calacsan | Senior student, Graphic Design & Media

Research interest in UX: Emotional Design
Other design experiences: Graphics & Marketing Specialist at the UNLV Jean Nidetch Women's Center

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Cecilia Garcia-Leon | Junior student, Graphic Design &Media

Research interest in UX: Visual Design, Web/App, Color Theory, Design Psychology, Packaging, Branding.
Other design experiences: College of Southern Nevada Fine Art and Graphic Design tutor, Typography, Design Layout, Logo Design and Promotional Design

Email:   |   Web: coming soon
Khristine Joy Le | Junior student,, Graphic Design & Media, Computer Science

Research interest in UX: App development, visual design, usability studies, workflows
Other design experiences: Typography, Illustration, Package, Branding, Advertising, and Editorial Design

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Kristine Bernadette Monsada | Senior student, Computer Science, Mathematics

Research interest in UX: Augmented Reality, Mobile & Web/App Design, QA Analytics
Other design experiences: App and Website development

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Mayra Carrera | Junior student,, Graphic Design & Media

Research interest in UX: UX/UI Website and App Design
Other design experiences: Typography, Illustration, and Web Development

Email: carrem4,   |   Web: coming soon