Graphic Design and Media, B.S., University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV)
SEO_UX_DESIGN_RESEARCH_LAB provides students with a group research opportunity to expand their design knowledge and gain distinctive research experience beyond the regular design studio. With emerging research topics, students conduct various empirical research experiments focused on human-centered design. The research group fosters a strong commitment to research ethics and collaboration. If you are interested in joining the research group or have any further questions, please contact Professor Sang Seo via email ( An individual interview and additional submission of work examples may be requested.​​​​​​​
Research Initiatives: The UX design research group explores diverse topics related to design issues, including visual communication, digital technology, and design management in user experience. Our initiatives focus on enhancing how design elements convey messages, examining advancements in digital technology for improved user interactions, and investigating efficient strategies for managing design processes. We refine UX research methodologies, promote sustainable design practices, and ensure accessibility and inclusivity in all our projects. Through these efforts, we aim to push the boundaries of UX design, fostering innovation and impactful solutions for a better user experience. Findings from research outcomes will be engaged with professional design and educational communities such as design competitions, conference presentations, research grants, etc. (e.g., UNLV Office of Undergraduate Research provides various funding opportunities each year
Research Group: The new research group is typically organized during the Spring semester and Summer after the GDM design portfolio review. Based on the research initiative, additional research groups may be recruited for the Spring semester. Each research team consists of 2-3 members with similar research topic interests, and a team leader manages the timeline and collaboration to ensure effective research progress and solutions.